Illegal Fun Games Slots

Illegal Fun Games Slots

Every country in Europe and outside Europe is doing everything to make gambling fans feel safe. For this reason, the current gambling laws are always being revised. In the case of some countries, such as Germany, things usually work out in such a way that the federal states themselves are also allowed to enact their own regulations. North Rhine-Westphalia took up the fight against illegal gambling and against fun-games machines years ago. Both are seen as problematic.


Fun games machines pose a problem nationwide

North Rhine-Westphalia sees fun games machines as a major problem. These are gaming machines that are not permitted in Germany. Nevertheless, they are increasingly common, and in many public places. Of course, you can choose to play in a casino online, it's the smartest choice these days. So I can not avoid the site there you can find everything you need to know about casinos, and in particular about slot machines. But what are fun slot machines? This type of gambling machine is usually produced abroad. They often come from China and Eastern Europe and can be bought for less than 2,000 euros. Considering that these slot machines generate a much higher profit for the operator than legal machines, the purchase price is quickly amortized. However, for players, these machines represent a very high risk.

High stakes and hardly any profit

Fun games slot machines promise a high profit, which is given out either in cash or as a non-cash prize. The problem here is the stakes. This is not limited to small sums. Rather, 300 euros, for example, can be wagered within a few seconds. Whoever bets such a high sum hopes for a big win. However, this usually does not happen. Thus, these slot machines carry a very high risk of developing a gambling addiction.

This is exactly why these machines have been banned in Germany since 2008. The ban was imposed because in 2008 there were about 120,000 machines all over Germany. Despite this, according to a public report, it has been noted for two years that these machines are again increasingly being set up. Recent inspections of various pubs have revealed that 44.5 percent of the pubs examined contained illegal gambling machines. In addition, approximately every third machine does not have a license. These figures represent one reason why more raids are being carried out in North Rhine-Westphalia and also in Hamburg.

Reduction of legal devices could be to blame

In recent years, the installation of gambling machines has been reduced in Germany. For example, only two gambling machines are now allowed in catering establishments, instead of the previous three. Among other things, this is seen as a reason why the banned fun games machines are being set up more often again. In addition, gambling on legal gambling machines has been further restricted. Not only have betting limits been created, but the length of play and the amount of loss have also been reduced. All these restrictions do not come from the fun games machines.

Therefore, Trümper advises to take even stricter action against the illegal devices. In North Rhine-Westphalia, increased controls have been in place for some time. Last year, 217 gaming machines were seized that did not have a license. Violations were detected in a total of 45 municipalities. Fun games machines were also found. Whether the problem is to be solved only over more controls or whether it comes to other measures, is not yet certain. The vending machine industry, for example, is demanding that the restrictions on legal machines be relaxed. Then the locals would no longer resort to the illegal machines.

Online casinos safer than local offerings on site


If gambling fans prefer online casinos, they are to some extent safer than when playing locally. An online casino needs a license to be able to offer its range. If a corresponding license for the own country is missing, another online casino should be sought. Once the account is opened at a reputable online casino, nothing stands in the way of safe gambling with slots or at online poker. This is due to the fact that every gambling provider offers the possibility for each player to lock himself or apply for his own limit.

In addition, since the German Gaming Act came into force, a betting limit applies per game round. Anyone who wants to continue playing must explicitly confirm this. This provides additional security for players. The same applies to the emergency button, which can be pressed at any time. None of this is guaranteed by the on-site gaming machines.